The Power of Profile Picture:

My old big SVP boss (a first gen Vietnamese) saw my profile picture, found
out what it is, signed the petition and started to promote the petition in
his friend circle. I am sure he will also bring this message back to his
friends and community.

Any little action counts. Go change your profile picture!

The power of our FB Flashing event! (Credit to Haoxin Li)

--Rich Liu, SVCA volunteer

台湾晶晶公演派放传单 (繁体和简体)


目前有27位 SVCA volunteer加入,欢迎去FB报名


District 24 Assemblyman Rich Gordon's office hour meeting on Friday, 2/28/14

--By Diane Sun, SVCA volunteer

Update from District 24 Assemblyman Rich Gordon's office hour meeting on
Friday, 2/28/14

Over 20 people came to meet Mr. Gordon for SCA5 today in Los Altos. Here is
the summary of the meeting.

Per Mr. Gordon.

1. Senate vote is already a history, there is nothing can be changed. There
might be an amendment from Dr. Hernandez after 3 Chinese Senators requested
hold, no one has seen it. When Senate voted, there was no community feedback
ever heard


2)Bill到Assembly Floor时间段,Now-June。取决于里面政治博弈以及我们的努力.
3)Paul Fong/Bob Wieckowski都可能会投Yes,但他们今年面对的选情决定,他们是链
条上最脆弱的2环。请大家集中火力为他们寻找对手!(Paul Fong选区最好有个女选手能
站出来,但时间紧迫,3/7号报名截至;如果Paul Fong是Dem唯一候选人,我们需要初
4)如果要比较大的胜算,还需要重点争取另2位Assembly Member。我们得到专业选手帮
助,正在尽力筛选以便能集中有限火力。南加的Ed Chau是可以重点争取的一个,湾区
另两位Phil Ting(D19 SF)和Rich Gordon(D24 Los Altos)也都是可以争取的。

反SCA5:本周六Palo Alto附近的居民可以做的事

对24区 Rich Gordon的初步分析:
1)SB 185: yay. 但当时他是junior assemblyman. vote along the party line is
expected (当时是顶替term out的前任)and he was only 6mo in assembly when SB
185 is up for vote.
2)2012年大比数赢primary (59%) 和 general (70%), 所以他在本选区base应该很稳固
3)2013年投过唯一一次nay, 是少数几个cross party line voting with Republican
4) Openly gay. 所以是很liberal的。但是做为gay,我想应该是反感 discrimination
against genetic reasons (sexual orientation, racial, ethnical etc) -- 这个

Call your Assemblyman!

三谷的Nancy刚打了电话给三谷区的Joan Buchanan. 她一周四天在Sacramento , 要视
issue 紧迫性才可能安排在San Ramon office 的meeting. 她的助理Patt Perlow is
very nice 告诉可直接发email 给她,如人数众多,她会尽快安排Joan 同我们会面。

Joan is also the chairman of 教育委员会。SCA 5 去州众议院之前需通过教育委员

-Credit to Ross Li(SVCA)

反SCA5: 成立了个松散组织SVCA(硅谷华人协会)

1)Help to develop career network for Chinese/Chinese American
2)Help to improve our image and status.
3)Unite our force to support Chinese American politicians who fight for our
interest. (Volunteer/Donation/Vote etc)
4)Discuss and take action on critical issues