SVCA主办:与UCLA法学院教授Richard Sander 面对面, 解析最为详实的加州大学录取数据,探寻加州高校录取的种族偏好和对亚裔的影响

Asian-Americans, College Admissions Preferences, and Higher Education Discrimination: A Story with some Nuances
Vis-à-vis with Richard Sander, Professor of Law, UCLA

Speaker: Richard Sander, UCLA Law Professor
Host: SVCA
Time: 7:00PM, September 25, Thursday. Refreshment will be provided.
Location: Allstar Institute, 43687 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539(across Ohlone College)

SVCA has the great honor to invite Professor Richard Sander, amidst his hectic schedules, to the San Francisco Bay Area to analyze the UC admission procedures and the racial considerations thereupon. Everyone is welcome to join us, especially those who are concerned with racial discrimination in the college admission.

Professor Sander is a renowned expert on Affirmative Action, and vows to fight for equal rights for all college applicants, regardless of their races. He has published numerous influential books and articles over the years on the subject. In addition, he won the debate, hosted by Harvard University early this year, by successfully arguing against Affirmative Action, with irrefutable data and statistics. Professor Sander has examined detailed UC admission data and concludes that there exists staggering racial discrimination in the UC admission process, which has resulted in the rejection of thousands of well-qualified Asian applicants. He has been a staunch advocate against the California Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 5 (SCA5), which was passed in the California Senate earlier this year to legitimize such racial injustice.

与UCLA法学院教授Richard Sander 面对面

时间:9月25,周四晚 7点,会场提供食物和水。
地点:Allstar Institute (聚星教育中心), 43687 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539(across Ohlone College)


Sander教授近二十年来致力于对Affirmative Action(平权法案,以下简称AA)的研究,并努力为所有族裔的学生争取平等权力。除了许多有很强影响力的著作和文章发表外,他在今年年初参加哈佛大学举行的关于AA辩论中有理有据地反对AA,并获得观众投票的胜利。Sander教授认为近年来加州高校在招生录取时存在严重种族歧视现象,使得大批优秀的亚裔学生被拒之门外。而加州年初已在参议院获得通过的修宪法案SCA5将会使这种歧视合法化,为此Sander教授也强烈反对该法案或类似法案。

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