3/25 加州西裔和非裔党团联合发表支持SCA5法案声明,原文如下:
Latino Legislative Caucus and Legislative Black Caucus Joint Statement on

March 25, 2014
Today, the California Latino Legislative Caucus and California Legislative
Black Caucus issued the following joint statement regarding the
disinformation campaign surrounding SCA 5:

“The California Latino Legislative Caucus and California Legislative Black
Caucus jointly express our strong support of SCA 5 (Hernandez) despite its
return to the house of origin for further consideration. We share a strong
commitment to its passage and all measures that ensure equal opportunity for
all Californians.

SCA 5 would enact seriously needed reforms that would roll back the ban on
race as a consideration in weighing college admissions. This will bring
fairness and balance to our educational system.

We understand the desire of leadership to have further discussions about
this important issue and are committed to ensuring the success of the
bicameral commission on issues surrounding recruitment, admissions, and
retention. However, we must not ignore the fact that the major reason this
measure has been delayed is due to a malicious disinformation campaign being
waged by disingenuous ultra-conservative partisans intent on denying equal
opportunity for all Californians.

We will not allow bad information to undermine good public policy. There is
no question Proposition 209 has led to a tremendous and precipitous decline
in the number of African-Americans, Latinos and other underrepresented
communities in higher education. Our Caucuses are committed to putting this
issue before the voters of California. We will continue to work through the
process, but rest assured, we will not stop working until all Californians
have equal access to higher education and a brighter future.”
1Latino 与 Black Caucus所说的Prop209导致非裔拉丁裔人数大幅度下降的结论完全不
3 此前,加州众议院D65区代表Sharon Quirk-Silver发表 声明:“don't support
SCA5 at this moment"。此时,她作为Latino Caucus的成员同意这份声明,说明在组