SVCA official endorsement for November 2014 General Election (Final)

硅谷华人协会(SVCA)首批推荐的加州2014年11月大选候选人名单 (注:还有部份候选人在讨论中,本名单会不断更新)

CA State Assembly (加州众议院)

Catharine Baker (R,AD16):
(Alamo/Danville/Lafayette/Moraga/Orinda/San Ramon/Walnut Creek/Dublin/Livermore/Pleasanton)
***AD16 is the most promising District in North CA! Baker has been endorsed by Education leaders, small business owners, & local media.***

Chuck Page (R,AD28):
(Campbell/Cupertino/Los Gatos/Monte Sereno/San Jose/Saratoga)

Kansen Chu(朱感生) (D,AD25):
(Fremont/NewarkMilpitas/Santa Clara/North San Jose)

Young Kim (R, AD65):
(North Orange County,

Ling-Ling Chang (R, AD55):
(Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, Walnut ,

CA State Senate (加州參议院)

Peter Kuo (郭宗政) (R,SD10):
(Fremont/Hayward/Newark/San Leandro/Union City/Ashland/Portions of Castro Valley/Cherryland/ Fairview/San Lorenzo/Sunol/Portions of San Jose/Milpitas)

Janet Nguyen (R,SD34):
(Parts of Orange County and Los Angeles County)


Barry Chang (张昭富) (Cupertino City Council):

Andy Huang (黄泽安) (Cupertino City Council):

Yan Zhao (赵嬿) (Saratoga City Council):

Emily Lo (朱淑玲) (Saratoga City Council):

Kristen Pan Lyn (潘欣欣) (Cupertino Union School District Board of Trustees):

Yang Shao (邵阳) (Fremont Unified School District Board of Trustees):

Yongjian Wu (吴永健) (Saratoga Union School District Board of Trustees):

Peter Fung(冯振中) (El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors):