Silicon Valley Chinese Association Endorses Bob Huff for Congress

Silicon Valley Chinese Association (SVCA), an organization with strong grassroots membership in the Chinese American community in Northern California, is pleased to announce that we have endorsed former State Senator Bob Huff in his efforts to succeed Rep. Ed Royce’ congressional seat representing District 39.

We believe Senator Huff is the most qualified and suitable choice for this seat because of his outstanding record as an elected public official at the city and state levels, his sensible policies that have been benefiting Californians, as well as his willingness to fight for people who are politically disadvantaged.

SVCA applauds the many positions he has been holding in equal opportunities, fiscal responsibility, job growth, and so on. We are most impressed with his fight against racial discrimination against Asian Americans in education. In early 2014, he was the first legislator to inform the Asian community of the notorious SCA-5, which attempted to move history backward by making race, skin color and ethnicity criteria in California public college admissions. Under his leadership, we defeated SCA-5. Senator Huff also was a strong, articulate voice in fighting again AB-1726, which, in its original form, sought to segregate Asian Americans in the education space. This would have hurt us by dividing people, and furthermore, by opening the door for race-based policies.

Senator Huff authored legislations to promote Lunar New Year and other Asian cultural heritage. He introduced Senate Joint Resolution 23 to request Congress to adopt resolutions of apology to the Chinese American community for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and other similar Chinese exclusion laws.

In the coming months, SVCA members will organize fundraising efforts and volunteering activities to support Senator Huff’s campaign endeavor. We urge all Asian American communities across the nation to rally behind Senator Huff.