District 24 Assemblyman Rich Gordon's office hour meeting on Friday, 2/28/14

--By Diane Sun, SVCA volunteer

Update from District 24 Assemblyman Rich Gordon's office hour meeting on
Friday, 2/28/14

Over 20 people came to meet Mr. Gordon for SCA5 today in Los Altos. Here is
the summary of the meeting.

Per Mr. Gordon.

1. Senate vote is already a history, there is nothing can be changed. There
might be an amendment from Dr. Hernandez after 3 Chinese Senators requested
hold, no one has seen it. When Senate voted, there was no community feedback
ever heard

2. Assembly is reviewing the SCA5, they will work differently from Senate,
it will be reviewed by education committee, Assembly will hear feedback from
community before SCA5 is put into discussion and vote by Assembly.

So please continue writing to Assemblyman email and letters to have our
voice heard by Assembly, sign on the petitions, invite the Indian, Korea,
Japanese, Vietnam people to join this campaign. ( Every white, Indian, Korea
, Japanese, Vietnam I talked too, he/she had never heard about SCA5, and I
have not seen them coming to the meeting as well, we need to unite them)

3. The Senate vote was a party line vote, Assembly may not work that way,
each Assembly member can have his/her own stand. Mr. Gordon personally think
there are some big problems in the SCA5, and he supports Merit Based
Education System.

So there is possibility we can get the Democratic Assembly Members to stand
for the Constitution and Proposition 209, vote NO on SCA5. Let us continue
working on it and STOP SCA5 at Assembly !

4. His office is working on the schedule to meet our community on SCA5
following up last Saturday's meeting. We will need to follow up with his
assistant. Stay tuned.